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Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)
Baleen Blue Sabah (Womens)



Baleen Blue Sabah


Our Baleen Blue is a thick, waxed Nubuck leather that ages beautifully, lightens, and stands up to the elements. We've been making this Sabah since almost Day 1, because it's truly a classic, beautiful and sophisticated option. We've seen these dressed up with suits & dresses, dressed down with shorts; and everything in between.

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Product Details

- Entirely handmade in Turkey
- Sturdy yet flexible hand-stitched sole construction
- Soft leather lining (no socks, no problem!)
- Water buffalo leather insole & midsole, forms to feet
- Replaceable rubber outsole to ensure longevity
- Lightweight, packable, perfect for travel!

made in

Sabah Workshop Gaziantep, Turkey


First, with a clean cloth, lightly brush away any loose and dry dirt. Place a piece of adhesive tape over the spot, press and try to lift any dry dirt off the surface, dabbing at it lightly, as needed. Brush the nap of the suede lightly with a suede brush or firm toothbrush, lifting off the dirt. Be sure not to rub too hard. Brush in a fast circular way around the spot — not just at where the spot is — so as not to rub away the suede's nap in one spot. Brush again with the clean cloth. Never use creams, oils, waxes or shoe polishes on suede or nubuck. Oil or grease stains are very hard to remove — we suggest your Sabahs visit a professional shoe repair shop for a second opinion. Should the Sabahs or Babas get soaked, allow them to dry naturally, away from heat. A quick combing of the entire surface with a suede brush may bring back the nap — if not, visit your local shoe repair shop.

Size & Fit

Sabah sizing is unique. Refer to our size guide when considering a pair of Sabahs, and keep in mind, they will stretch and mold to your foot with time and wear.


Sabah Bois Tester


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