Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)
Fort Worth Brown Baba (Womens)



Fort Worth Brown Baba


Fort Worth Brown is a medium brown leather, produced in Istanbul. Dressed up, dressed down - the tone and distressed look surely go with just about everything in your wardrobe. Finally, it’s a thick, natural leather and gains a beautiful patina with time. Enjoy!

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Natural Leather Upper
Natural Leather Lining
Water Buffalo Leather Sole

made in

Sabah Workshop Gaziantep, Turkey

dealer's notes

Our Leathers are naturally dyed. Color may vary from pair to pair & from what you see online.


Sabah Mist by Los Poblanos


Made by Hand, One Pair at a Time

Babas are really quite simple — the thoughtful combination of three elements: our high quality leather, a unique hand-stitched construction, and highly skilled human hands.


Babas Wear in, Not out.

Babas become more comfortable & more beautiful with every step. This is thanks to our handmade construction & use of only high quality, full-grain leathers, and no synthetics at all.


Babas on Real People, in Real Life

Your Questions Answered

How do I determine my proper size?

All of our styles are true to size; however, each unique silhouette differs numerically.

You can expect to take a different sizeway for Sabahs, Turkish made backless Babas, & El Paso made Babas. You can view the exact style type on the relevant product page.

We recommend selecting the numerical size that directly corresponds to your typical EUR/US shoe size in the drop down menu on each specific product page.

We certainly understand that juggling various numbers, sizes, & fits can feel daunting at first, so please do not hesitate to drop us a line for guidance & support!

How should my pair fit?

For an ideal fit, your heels should come just shy of or right to the back edge of the insoles. The natural leather will stretch and form to your feet with wear.

Your toes should touch the end of the pair with some pressure; however, they should not be curling.

It typically takes 3-5 good wears for your Babas to begin notably stretching throughout.

That said, the Baba style is initially a touch more relaxed than the Sabah (full shoe).

Why do Sabahs & Babas differ in numerical fit?

Our Sabahs (full shoe) and Babas (backless slide) fit differently as denoted on the sizing chart on each product page.

For Turkish made Babas, we recommend selecting +1 numerical size in from your ideal fit in Sabahs.

Please, also note - There is a sizing difference between our Turkish made & El Paso Made Babas.

There are El Paso specific sizing charts on the relevant product pages.

Can I return my pair for refund, credit, or an exchange?

Of course!

We happily accept all returns on NEW & UNWORN Sabahs & Babas. Please, visit our Returns page for more information & to initiate a request.

We also offer FREE returns for new & unworn orders placed in the US within 30 days of receipt.

Can I resole my Babas?

Babas cannot be resoled. The sole of your Baba is made from a very thick and sturdy piece of ​​leather. One of the most durable and resilient pieces of leather you can find.

We chose not to apply a rubber outsole to our backless Babas (like we do for Sabahs, which can be resoled) because it makes them a little more cozy & flexible - we also prefer how they look without the added rubber. A little more streamlined.

​However, you can (and should!) ​still ​wear them out and about like you would a pair of Sabahs.

If you'd prefer, you can certainly have your local cobbler add a thin rubber sole to the bottom of your pair. Some individuals will add a small patch of rubber to just the heel of the sole for a little extra grip (though, not necessary).

How do I care for my Babas?

To best care for your Babas, we suggest you clean them as they get dirty and condition them periodically, or as they appear dry, with a high quality leather conditioner.

We produce our own Sabah leather conditioner & cleaner, which you can find on the Sabah Market page. Cleaning and conditioning your pair will help maintain the texture and beauty of the leather.


You should avoid applying topical products to suede or nubuck -- doing so will disrupt the fibers and matte the suede. Use a brush to care for your suede or nubuck Sabahs. We highly recommend consulting a local cobbler if your suede or nubuck Babas require cleaning/conditioning.

For any unique cleaning & care questions, we advise connecting with your cobbler or sending us an email at

Domestic shipping information.

For all orders placed that are currently in-stock, we are able to send your package to post within 1-2 business days.

Once your shipment is en route, our standard shipping option will typically have your order to you within an estimated 3-4 days.

We do, however, offer various shipping options at checkout should you prefer to have your package sooner. We offer UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Next Day Air for expedited service.

As a note, UPS 2nd Day Air does not expedite shipping over the weekend.

Where is my order shipping from?

Sabahs & Babas are all handmade in either Gaziantep, Turkey or El Paso, TX and shipped to our main fulfillment center in Connecticut. Your order is, then, carefully packed up by our team & passed off to post.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! As a note -- depending on the country you are ordering from, you may want to visit our UK site -

International shipments may be subject to customs fees and import duties of the country to which your order is shipped to. The courier will charge you any taxes or customs directly. For any detailed questions on this, we recommend you consult your local Customs office, which will happily assist you with further information.

Sabah is not responsible for any duties or taxes imposed by the recipient’s country. If any such duties or taxes are imposed, you, the customer, will be responsible for paying them.

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