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El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)
El Paso Baba (Womens)



El Paso Baba


Made entirely of undyed, vegetable tanned leather in our El Paso, Texas workshop, our El Paso Baba is noteworthy (the crème de la crème of our collection). A testament to quality over quantity, crafted by hand one pair at a time - they'll last you a lifetime. Lighter in color and smooth to start, with every step along the journey, your El Paso Babas will form to your feet and get richer & warmer in color. That's the result of using the highest quality materials, without compromise, and assembling them by hand with an attention to detail not often found in modern footwear. Enjoy!  

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Product Details

100% Veg Tanned Natural Leather Upper
100% Veg Tanned Natural Leather Lining
100% Veg Tanned Italian Bull Leather Sole

made in

El Paso, Texas


Lightly brush off any debris or dirt on the surface with a soft, damp cloth. Use Sabah leather cleaner and conditioner, in that order, applying the product to a soft cloth and rubbing it onto the shoe with a circular motion. Pressure isn’t necessary — simply apply with a quick motion and the heat of the friction will infuse the product into the top grain of the leather. Be certain to cover the entire upper, including within the creases. Allow to dry and then buff off the excess with a clean, dry soft cloth.

dealer's notes

Our first Baba ever made in the El Paso workshop, these will be produced in limited runs of 250 pairs.

Size & Fit

IMPORTANT: Please refer to our size guide before ordering, as our El Paso Baba fit is unique.


Leather Cleaner + Conditioner SET


Sabah Bois Tester


About the El Paso Baba

In early 2019, we landed on El Paso, Texas as the home of the second Sabah Workshop. El Paso, like Gaziantep, is a border town with a history of trade and craftsmanship. Amongst many things, El Paso has a rich history in leather working and cowboy boot making, specifically using saddle leather which is a wonderful, undyed leather that is 100% vegetable tanned and used in the making of the El Paso Baba. Our vision is for our El Paso Sabah Workshop to be a place that produces the same beautiful Sabahs & Babas you’ve come to know, that serves as an outpost for collaboration between our Turkish and American craftspeople, and is a hub for innovation, creativity and new ideas.

Handmade in the USA

A beautiful setting results in beautiful work. The Sabah workshop in El Paso, Texas exemplifies this. We are proud to have some of the best talent in our Workshop — all masters in their field.