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Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)
Rough Out Brown Baba (Womens)



Rough Out Brown Baba


The Rough Out Brown Baba is produced at the Sabah Workshop in El Paso, Texas. This tobacco-colored, high-napped suede Baba, uses American rough out bison hide -- often found in high quality boots for its remarkable durability and strength. No two bison hides are alike, demonstrated by the unique variations found in every pair. Our American Bison full grain hides are tanned in the USA, maintaining a strong connection to the craft of western boot-making. The leather goes through an extensive tanning process, giving it structure and fullness -- then is drum dyed to achieve the rich tobacco hue, and ensure the color is fully saturated through the hide. The result is a premium leather that is soft, yet durable. Once at the El Paso workshop, these Babas are stitched with the suede side up, showing off the “rough” texture of the leather. Enjoy!

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Product Details

Authentic, American Bison Rough-out Sueded Full Grain Leather Upper
Undyed 100% Vegetable Tanned Leather Lining
Undyed 100% Vegetable Tanned Italian Bull Leather Heel, Sole & Insole

made in

Sabah Workshop El Paso, Texas


Gently whisk off dried dirt with a suede brush (a wire or rubber brush, or a firm toothbrush will work). If stained, dab spots with a dry cloth. If stain remains, dab with a damp cloth, allow to dry, and gently comb with a suede brush, lifting the nap as you brush. Should the baba get wet, allow them to air dry, never exposing them to heat — once fully dried, use the suede brush to gently lift the nap of the suede.

Size & Fit

IMPORTANT: Please refer to our size guide before ordering, as our Babas made in El Paso have a unique fit.


Sabah Bois Tester



Rough Out Babas on real people, in real life!