There's a series of cabins in the woods called the Canyon Creek Cabins, about an hour outside of Seattle, right at the gateway to the Cascades ... some of the most beautiful nature in the Pacific Northwest, if not North America. We've always wanted to go there.

So we sent our friend and regular Sabah reporter, Brandon Scott Herrell along with his pal, Gemma, and two pairs of Sage Shearling Babas.

They scouted it out, documented the trip and shared some local tips too. The place was as charming & inspiring as it looks; we'll be booking our own trip soon!

In the meantime, see below for a bit about their visit.

"The cabins here overlook a glacial creek surrounded by big granite boulders and are nestled in a forest of pines & Doug Firs. Lucky for us, we were treated to some unseasonable sunshine & warmth."

"After we arrived and unpacked, there was only one thing to do - take a couple beers down to the river. Canyon Creek flows down from glacial melt in the mighty Cascade mountains, meaning it’s always ice cold except at the very peak of summer heat."

"As the shade of the canyon walls enveloped us, we headed back to settle in at the lounge with some of the cabin’s art books and listen to records. We stayed in all night, keeping the fire going between card games."

"The thing that makes these cabins so special is that they retain a lot of the warmth and comfort of a traditional cabin experience but with an added level of taste in art & design. Each cabin has a wood stove, a hot tub, a record player, and maybe best of all -- no televisions."

"In place of TV, you'll find great art books from inspirations like Hilma af Klint, François Halard, and Isamu Noguchi."

"Eating and drinking tend to be the main events during a cabin weekend, so I make it a point to bring a couple nice wines and a few crispy Pilsners for the afternoon. Canyon Creek Cabins always stock coffee from our friend and local roaster Stamp Act -- so we knew our mornings were covered."

"It was a cozy evening well spent -- as you can see, our Shearling Sage Babas went with us everywhere!"

And that's all for now folks! We hope you feel inspired to get cozy with a pair of Sage Shearing Babas -- for all your weekend getaways! Be sure to follow Brandon on Instagram, here.

Now, Take me to Shearling Sage Babas.