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Thanks to all who came to our folk fiesta gathering this past Sunday! In the spirit of Halloween, we hosted alongside Costaiia & Waivori, a weekend of costume dress-up to celebrate our shared passion for craft, culture and expression. We hand-painted leather masks, danced to live Colombian bullerengue by Bulla en el Barrio (a traditional musical genre and dance from the Caribbean Region of Colombia), and had a grand ol' time! A great way to close out October -- thanks to everyone who came out!

Special thanks to our friend & chef, Grace Denis, for a beautiful install of appetizers, Yola Mezcal for aqua de Jamaica cocktails, and Ari San for music curation! Plus a big thank you to Elise, our photographer, who documented the entire celebration. Scroll on for a recap with some of our favorite moments from the day.

Costaiia is a creative exploration of cinema, theater, performing and visual arts — their garments are made using traditional textiles & techniques such as hand and foot looms, natural dyes, manual printing, and embroidery. We carry a selection of Costaiia garments at our Sabah Houses, and occasionally on the Sabah Market!

Waivori focuses on retelling narratives of different cultures and traditions; as well as sharing a fascination with human adornment through jewelry.

We really enjoyed welcoming them both to the Sabah House this past weekend.