Our chart takes into account Sabahs should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing up for women and down for men.

Sabah Leather Conditioner $16

Introducing Sabah Leather Conditioner -- from our very own Sabah Leather Care Collection, a long time in the making! Sabah Leather Conditioner can be used on its own, any time, to replenish the natural oil of your Sabah leather. We also suggest using it in combination with Sabah Leather Cleaner, which will remove dirt or debris before a proper conditioning. Both our Sabah Leather Cleaner and Sabah Leather Conditioner are made by Chamberlains, a family owned business based in Fort Worth, Texas. Chamberlain's products are all natural -- safe for both the user and the environment. Similar to Sabah, Chamberlains is extremely passionate about both leather and its longevity. We hope you enjoy!
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A specially formulated blend of natural oils and nutrients that conditions, preserves and restores high quality, natural leathers
4 oz
How-to Use
1. Brush off any excess debris or dirt with a damp soft cloth
2. Shake well and apply to a soft lint-free cloth or pad
3. Rub thoroughly and evenly into the leather surface, then gently buff after a brief drying time (you can buff with a dry cloth or cotton T-shirt)
4. For the deepest clean, apply Sabah Leather Cleaner and allow leather to dry before conditioning 
Do not use on Nubuck or Suede-like finishes. Highly absorbent or light colored leathers may darken with treatment
Dealer's Notes
Best used in tandem with Sabah Leather Cleaner