Sandalwood Incense by Hasami $20

Hasami Porcelain has collaborated with Nippon Kodo, one of Japan's most renowned incense makers to create this little incense set, featuring a glass vial, and cork stopper. The Sandalwood scent is a blend of sweet sandalwood and Chinese medicinal herbs... relaxed, calming, woodsy. Hasami Porcelain is named after the Hasami village in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan -- who began crafting its porcelainware almost 400 years ago, and are still practicing the same techniques today. Each product is passed onto different craftsmen in various parts of the village to undergo a specific step of handwork until the product is completed -- each skilled in their own specialized role, such as the mixing of soil and stone, the molding, or the glazing. This organization of labor in the Hasami village has been passed down for generations. Today, Hasami Porcelain blends contemporary design with these traditional Japanese roots.

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3.9" x 1"

What's included

24 INCENSE STICKS, glass vial, cork stopper

dealer's notes

20 minute burn time per incense stick