Day-to-Day Bag by Pan After - Large, Green/Orange $65

The Day-to-Day Bag is about to become your new staple for, well… day to day! Traditionally used as a market utility bag, these bags are strong and durable. A stylish and functional tote bag, to be used as a reusable shopping bag, overnight bag, or just to fill up as needed as your day unfolds. Ready to accompany you on your longest beach days, heaviest grocery hauls, and busiest travel days.  ***Each bag is slightly unique and one-of-a-kind. There might be variations in the handles, for instance, but the color and size are true as photographed***

Color: Green/Orange

in stock


100% Nylon
zip closure at top

made in


dealer's notes

each bag is unique -- some have different colored handles and signs of loose and messy stitching -- which simply is a sign of their character & charm.

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