Men's Catania Velvet Baba $210

Our newest Velvet Baba, in a luxe shade of midnight-black! Made in El Paso using Sabah’s standard of high quality materials: a combination of our velvet fabric upper sourced from one of the best velvet suppliers in Italy, plus a first-ever drum-dyed sole & insole of our shoes -- in this case, an Italian bull leather, drum-dyed in Italy in a matching deep black. The velvet is resistant yet soft, featuring a rich, almost iridescent, deep, deep black. Elevating really anything you could put on, these pair great with jeans and a sweater, while also being a great option for a fancier look, such as a suit or dress. Enjoy!

Color: Black Velvet

Baba Size:

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100% viscose Italian velvet fabric upper
Natural 100% veg tanned undyed Leather Lining
Bull Leather Sole

made in

Sabah Workshop El Paso, Texas


We advise against cleaning with water or detergents of any kind. Clean with a woolen cloth or gentle brush stroking the velvet in the direction of the pile. A gentle steam could be used to improve any crushing or inconsistencies in the velvet.

Made in El Paso

These Babas are produced at the Sabah Workshop in El Paso, Texas. They are not your typical slippers! We use natural, high quality leathers, including a very special undyed vegetable tanned leather lining so that the Baba will form to the foot over time. El Paso has enabled us to utilize materials from all over the world, in the case of our Velvet Babas, a 100% viscose velvet fabric from one of the best Italian suppliers. Each pair is thoughtfully created by hand and by name, from concept to execution.