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Wine Cups by Isabel Halley Ceramics - Single Cup $45

We used these striped ceramic wine cups at home during 2020 to brighten things up; and now they're traveling with us to picnics and beach hangs. Isabel Halley makes all of her ceramics in Brooklyn where she hand pinches, rolls and paints each piece. Each cup is slipcast with porcelain created from pinch clay layered on top of each other, creating a petal effect. Each ceramic is clear glazed and hand-painted with cobalt blue stripes. Perfect for wine, flowers, other beverages and a lovely adornment to an open kitchen.
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Made In
Brooklyn, New York
Height 3.25 in x 1.75 in wide
Holds 10 oz
NYC sq 1NYC sq 1
Sabah Souvenirs: From Our Travels

This past year we didn’t travel at all, but we chose three travel destinations that share a connection with Sabah, and curated items we would have brought back from each of those places: New York City, Texas and Japan.

The item you are viewing is sourced from New York City, our backyard -- a city that keeps us on our toes and constantly inspired with it's ever-evolving, fast paced creative scene. Walking the streets of New York, you never know what to expect: who you'll meet, what you'll learn, and where it'll take you! Among other items, we've included a cookbook by Estela, a restaurant down the street from Sabah Studio where Ignacio Mattos serves up some of the best plates in the city, home goods by Brooklyn-based Dusen Dusen, who we met years ago and have always admired, and a bucket hat by Savant Studios -- designed by Michael Graham, a new friend who is quickly becoming one of our favorite collaborators.

We hope you enjoy! Visit the Sabah Journal to learn more.