Our chart takes into account Sabahs should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing up for women and down for men.

Umbrella Short Crew by Hansel from Basel $21

Inspired by colorful, striped umbrellas, this jacquard-knit pair of socks by Hansel from Basel is extra smooth with no hidden frays on the inside. A mix of vintage yellow and blue to pair with your favorite Sabahs or Babas!
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ONE SIZE FITS MOST WOMEN (US 6 to 9). All sales are final. No returns for this product. 
Cotton/polyamide blend
Made In
We recommend taking care and using sharp, pointed scissors to remove hang tags. damage may occur if hang tags are pulled or torn off. Handle with care, hand wash with like colors, no chlorine bleach, hang dry.