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Tohaku Candle Set + Stand $68

Tohaku candles are made from 100% sumac (natural haze plant) wax taken from the fruit of Japanese Ha-ze wax trees in the Chikugo region of Kyushu. The shape of these candles is inspired by the pine forests pictured in the paintings of Tohaku Hasegawa - one of the greatest Japanese artists from Nanao City in Ishikawa. This Tohaku set includes two medium size candles and one Koma candle stand, packaged in a fine paulownia wooden box.
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Candle: Sumac wax
Stand: Casted iron
Box: Paulownia wood
Made in
Dealer's Notes
Total burn time 130 min. Per Candle
What's Included
2 Tohaku candles, Koma candle stand, paulownia wooden box
Candle: d1.9 x h11 cm
Candle Stand: w4 x d4 x h3 cm