Our chart takes into account Sabahs should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing up for women and down for men.

Sabah Downtown Leather Jacket - Caramelo *PRE-ORDER* $850

***Available for pre-order online and at Sabah House New York to start -- just 21 Jackets in total. Orders placed on the Sabah Portal will ship in 3-4 weeks. The Downtown Leather Jacket is unisex, meant to fit a little oversized.*** We've always been inspired to make a Leather Jacket that would wear & age just like Sabahs. The perfect city leather jacket that we could wear year round — and most importantly, would last a lifetime. So last year we reached out to our friends Clara & Santiago in Argentina, the founders of Nimes -- a small leather Studio located in Buenos Aires, to work on a custom leather jacket for Sabah. The inspiration for the jacket comes from an old vintage coat that I (Mickey, Sabah Dealer) have had in my closet for years. We wanted to make a jacket that was simple — but with enough details lending to an interesting shape & distinct form. The most important thing for us was to make an all veg tanned jacket that would darken, soften and shine with wear, like the rest of our leather goods, Sabahs and Babas included. The result is our Downtown Leather Jacket! 100% all veg tanned and lined with 100% cotton, featuring a small side inside pocket and ban details on the outside. We hope this jacket carries you through seasons, trips, and many wears — year after year after year. Percey is shown wearing size Medium, Selina wears a small.
See Sizing Chart Below (Men's Sizing, Women Can Wear Oversized Or Size Down) 
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100% Veg Tanned Leather
100% cotton lining
Made in
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Shipped folded in a custom cotton garment bag also made locally in Argentina.
Dry clean only
In Collaboration with Nimes

The Sabah Downtown Leather Jacket is made in collaboration with Nimes, founded in 2016 by our friends Clare & Santiago, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a warehouse, workshop, office & retail space, all under the same roof, they are able to maintain an exceptional level of quality. The Sabah Downtown Leather Jacket, for instance, is not mass produced, but instead, produced one-by-one, by hand and by name. All of the separate elements of this jacket -- the belt loops, lapel, and so on, are beautifully sewn together to create one finished piece, made by a very small team (a leather cutter & one single seamstress), in their studio. Nimes specializes in leather products made using natural raw materials -- where the leather is vegetable tanned, designed to evolve, age and improve beautifully over time. It's not easy to take a veg tanned leather and make it soft enough to wear, but with Nimes, we did just that. With a shared mission to deliver high quality leather goods, we knew Nimes would be the best collaborators -- thus the journey to create our Downtown Leather Jacket began.

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