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High Sun, Low Moon Incense Blend Set $70

We met the folks behind High Sun, Low Moon at one of our last pop-ups at the Hotel San Jose in Austin, TX. We love the scent, but we may love the ceremony of it all even more. Two blends, to be burned separately or together using tongs, a hot coal and a small ceramic bowl. The High Sun hand-ground blend contains frankincense, desert sage, juniper wood, patchouli and musks seeds. With a bright, and clearing aroma, this blend is meant to be burned from dawn until dusk. The second Low Moon hand-ground blend contains black copal, myrrh, chaparral, rose petals and yerba santa. With a sensual and velvety aroma, this blend is meant to be burned from dusk until dawn. Enjoy!
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Variety of Herbs
Bowl size: 1-1/2 inches, height 5-1/2 inches, diameter
Suggested Use
To burn, use clay dish. Catch a flame to the charcoal while holding one side of the charcoal or using tongs to safely light. The charcoal will start to spark/sparkle, light for a few more seconds to ensure its evenly lit. The whole charcoal will self light after that. Place in clay pot and sprinkle desired blend on top of the burning charcoal. Allow to burn, add more as needed. Don't leave unattended. Feel free to use tongs to tend to your incense and move herbs and resins around on the coal. Move from room to room, setting intentions while clearing space. Use mindfully.
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Sabah Souvenirs: From Our Travels

This past year we didn’t travel at all, but we chose three travel destinations that share a connection with Sabah, and curated items we would have brought back from each of those places: New York City, Texas and Japan.

The item you are viewing is sourced from Texas, home to our second Sabah House location (Sabah House Dallas). We're amazed by the growing community of artists, makers and creatives full of that Texan can-do spirit and a whole lot of charm. Texas is changing fast and we're excited to present some of our favorite items from our times there; like the iconic robes from the El Cosmico Hotel, soaps by Wonder Valley - who just setup shop in West Texas, and one-of-a-kind ceramics by Houston-based artist, Gabo Martini. Yeehaw!

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