Our chart takes into account Sabahs should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing up for women and down for men.

Hand Tie-Dyed Pradu Sock By Philip Huang $30

Philip Huang socks are crafted from the highest quality cotton and traditionally hand-dyed with plant-based and mineral dyes by the Indigo Grandmas of Sakon Nakhon. Wear them all day every day while lounging at home, exercising or show them off outside, these socks are perfect for a casual and effortlessly cool look.
UNISEX & ONE SIZE FITS ALL. All sales are final. No returns for this product. 
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outside yarn: 100% cotton
inside yarn: natural rubber/nylon/spandex
plant-based and mineral dyes
Made In
Natural Indigo dye offers antibacterial & UV protection qualities, providing a lightly cooling effect
Dealer's Notes
Slight variations in color may occur due to the hand-dyeing process.