Our chart takes into account Sabahs should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing up for women and down for men.

Sabah X Hampui Travelers Hat $360

A custom design for Sabah by Hampui, this hat features a Guatemalan woven band using the Sabah Blue colors around Hampui's classic style brim hat, our personal favorite. The hat bands are indigo dyed in Guatemala and hand woven by Mayan artisans. The hat itself comes from Bolivia, the wool from sheep and the internal sweatband is made from llama leather. An exquisite hat, that will last a lifetime and serve you well on many journeys to come! Where to Next!?
See sizing guidance below. 
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Hampui wool hats are formed from a dense felt body made of a unique combination of two complementary wool types: patagonia merino and heirloom Bolivian sheep wool that is curly, hearty and structured. Together they create a felt that’s breathable, comfortable, and keeps its shape over the years.
Made In
Hampui partners with some of the finest craftspeople in the world.
S: 55cm
M: 57cm
L: 59cm
XL: 61cm
Determine size
Using a tape measure or piece of string (one that does not stretch), wrap the circumference of your head. Wrap the tape or string LOOSELY, do not pull it tight. Ensure that you are measuring just above your ear where the hat will rest. This is where your head is widest. If using a string, measure the length of the string on a ruler. Measure multiple times to make sure that you get it right. Use the measurement to select from the following sizes that we offer. When in doubt, or if you are in between sizes, then size up and send us a note when you place your order. We will make sure to include some special felt tape strips that you can easily place in your hat to help it fit snugly.