Our chart takes into account Sabahs should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing up for women and down for men.

Garza Marfa Desert Blanket $200

We discovered Garza Marfa during a pop-up in Marfa back in 2015. We loved their high-design, high function goods, and particularly this desert blanket. Vibrant colors, an amazing feel, and plenty of functionality. It's called a desert blanket because it keeps the wearer warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Hand-spun; hand-woven cloth.
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90% Wool Weft
10% Cotton Warp
Made In
48 inches x 92 inches
Dry Clean Only
How-to Use
Use at home as a throw/extra blanket for the bed or couch
and also on the road - picnic, beach, or plane!