Our Vintage Rose comes from the same leather supplier that created our beloved Marmaris Suede Sabah. It’s a super soft leather that requires little-to-no break in and not much effort to style! It goes with just about anything and has a beautiful, faded texture that gives it character and a vintage appeal. It’s new, but reads aged… in a good way! We call it Vintage Rose because we imagine it living along side you (and your most loved items) for years to come.

With this idea in mind, we visited some of our favorite vintage shops in Upstate, NY, wearing our new Vintage Rose. We stopped by John Doe Records, a 20-years-young record shop on the main strip, as well as NINA Z and the neighboring BONTLENG — two of our favorite boutiques. Finally, we visited Luddite Antiques in Germantown, home to a very well curated selection of home goods. Visit the Sabah Journal for the full story — or scroll below for some highlights from our trip.

Vintage Rose is now available on the Sabah Portal and select Sabah House locations.

Location #1: John Doe Records

John Doe Records is often the only shop playing music out of a loudspeaker on the main strip. As the founder Dan (not John!) told us, “you have to make people smile, dance and jump around.” And that’s pretty much the feeling you get when you walk into his shop. It’s full of more than colorful album covers with classic ‘60s love songs — walk in and you’ll find toy cars, journals, books, prints, clothes, jewelry, and a really genuine point of view. John Doe Records has been a Hudson Valley establishment for nearly 20 years and throughout that time Dan’s been booking shows, sourcing records and… making mischief. During our visit we learned about Dan’s childhood attending jazz concerts in Manhattan as well as his love for things that come from long ago… If you’re in the Hudson Valley stop by, look for Dan and buy a few records!

Location #2: NINA Z & BONTLENG

“I always collected vintage… since I was 9 years old and going to yard sales and mixing and matching my grandmother’s things.” Nina said. It’s a passion that led her, and her partner Tshidi, to open neighboring stores, NINA Z and BONTLENG, in Hudson, NY. Wander into either of their shops and you’ll find a great curation, from vintage items to private label goods and accessories. For Nina the appeal of vintage is mostly about the craftsmanship and materials that were prioritized back in the day… plus the playfulness that comes with styling, “you buy your shirt now and a few days later your buttons will pop-off! I have shirts from the ‘60s with buttons that have never needed replacement!… I love that vintage comes to you. You can’t be so stuck on your size or fit, you might wear something that comes in large even if you usually wear a medium. Vintage isn’t rigid! It’s not about how things are supposed to fit. It’s generous in that way.” We agree! And highly recommend a visit to NINA Z and BONTLENG next time you’re in Huston Valley, NY.

Location #3: Luddite Antiques

As far back as he can remember, Luke has had an affinity for stuff. He was a “sorter” at Goodwill when he was a teenager and found a lot of gems he would keep for himself or friends. Years later, he opened a store in Brooklyn, which eventually led him to land in Germantown, NY where he and his partner currently reside and run their shop, Luddite Antiques. His spot is filled with unique and one-of-a-kind items from furniture and art to accessories and handbags. Luke travels to New England and other nearby spots on the East Coast to source his inventory keeping an eye out for “Unutilized stuff that gets tossed… and still has life left!” Luddite is a place to visit if you’re looking for beautiful things and interesting objects to fill-in a space. We walked out with a few things ourselves…!