Fit Guidance

Sabahs should initially fit very snug as they are made entirely of natural leather and will stretch with wear. Depending on your feet & regularity of use, the stretching process may take a few weeks.

TOES: Your toes should touch the end of the Sabah with some pressure. Your toes should not be curling or in pain. If you feel the stitching under your toes, do not be concerned - the stitching will soften with wear.

WIDTH: If your Sabahs are too wide on your feet, you may consider exchanging them for a size down. Or, if the length is correct, consider using an insole to make the fit tighter in the width.

HEEL SLIP: Do not be concerned if there is minor slippage in the heel. Sabahs are leather-lined and will grip your feet as you walk.

If you have any questions or concerns about fit, please contact the Sabah Dealer for further guidance at

Exchanges & Returns

We only want satisfied Sabah customers.


We understand that sometimes finding the right fit can take a second try.

As such, returns and exchanges are free & easy. To initiate a return or exchange, please email with your name, order # and return/exchange request. We'll handle the rest.

All returns and exchanges must be completed within 60 days of receiving your order as long as they have not been worn except for an initial indoor test wear.

If you have stretched them out (i.e. worn them around the house all day) or worn them outside, we cannot accept an exchange/refund request as we cannot restock the pair.

Care Instructions


We apply a rubber outsole to every pair of Sabahs to protect the stitching and leather midsole. We initially use soft and thin rubber as not to impede the leather from molding to your feet. It should be replaced as it wears down or begins to peel back, which may occur within the first 3-12 months depending on the wearer, wear patterns and conditions. The rubber soles can be easily replaced by any cobbler and, once replaced, will last longer and not peel back like your first set of rubber soles. Soles should be replaced as needed to maximize the life of your Sabahs.

In the event a stitch comes loose on your Sabahs, do not be concerned. As it is one continuous thread, this is most often the end of the thread and can simply be cut.

Your Sabahs are made of real leather and therefore must be cared for to ensure maximum longevity. For regular leather, we suggest you condition them as they appear dry with an oil based treatment (such as saddle soap) or standard leather conditioner. For nubuck and suede leathers, you should avoid applying topical products as doing so will disrupt the fibers and matte the suede. Use a suede brush to care for your suede Sabahs.

How do I clean my Sabahs if they get dirty?
LEATHER: First, wipe your Sabahs gently with a dry cloth to remove any dirt and dust. Then, dampen the cloth with warm water and wipe again. For further cleaning, you may use a mild soap and warm water or saddle soap. For extremely dirty or unique Sabah situations (oil, ice cream, red wine, etc. — all the indulgences of great travel that may find their way onto your Sabahs), we recommend consulting your local cobbler.

SUEDE/NUBUCK: Use a rubber eraser to remove dirt and smudges. Then, brush lightly with a soft brush to revitalize.

If your Sabahs get wet, let them dry naturally away from direct heat sources. While we do not recommend getting your Sabahs wet, they should be just fine.